Why CanteenApp?

We are all under enough stress. Do we really need stand in cues, rush our meal and have no time to relax during the time we should be taking a break? Well life is about to get a little simpler...with the CanteenApp pre-order system you can order from your desk, pre-order your meeting room meals and coffees, and when you want that limited chef special, pre-order and ensure you never miss a meal.

Quick and simple, no cues, no wasting time, enjoy your break. You deserved it. 

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Order now

Order from your desk, no need to wait in the queue or trek back and forth to the canteen,we notify you when its ready for collection..



Plan you week ahead or get your order in early for the chef special from your desk, simply add your order for the week and collect during the break period. 


Meeting Room Orders

No need to run to the canteen mid-meeting to get coffees, simply preorder in app and your coffees, snacks and meals are arranged & delivered to your meeting. 



With our prepaid wallets, all transaction are cashless, scan the in app QR code and away you go,  no need to find that last R2 to pay for your order.. 


CanteenApp has been purpose build for office restaurants, with multiple optional functions on both the application and management portal

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On your schedule

  • “Order now” from your desk and get alerted when its ready

  • “Pre-Order” up to 12 days in advance during preselect meal/break times

  • “Meeting room ordering” for both meetings and functions 


Multiple Payment Options

  • Collect and pay cash

  • Credit card/EFT into prepaid application wallet

  • Prepaid Staff incentive top-up into application wallet (web-portal managed)

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Standalone or Integrated

  • Integrated with Pilot POS & InteliPOS

  • Standalone redemption can be done through:

    • QR code

    • Employ code/password

    • Biometric scanners


Data and Personalisation

With CanteenApp you are able to customise:

  • Wallet use

  • Employee/non employee price lists

  • Department billing for meeting room orders.

  • Enable who can order now and order for meeting rooms on one portal.

  • Enable wallet top up incentives from portal

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Order and Menu Management

  • Review all orders on system via portal

  • Enable weekly menu or cycle meeting through portal.

  • Select your own order periods (cut off times)



CanteenApp has a standard set of reports:

  • Order frequency

  • Sales rates

  • Wallet breakdown and transaction history

  • Top customers and Top selling items


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